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Let your children be equipped with the knowledge and be exposed to the opportunity of developing intelligently by through piano learning by enrolling for preschool piano lessons in Singapore. When children have a solid foundation in music, they are in prime position to succeed in other academic subjects, as well as excelling in other important life skills, this make it quite easy for them to have a great childhood. When you have a good understanding of how important piano lessons are for your children, you will be able to give them the effective support they need to fulfil their musical potential.

When your children fine-tuned their musical skills with preschool piano lessons in Singapore, they are able to express themselves better, learning becomes more enjoyable and the ability of the children to learn is improved thereby resulting in good child development. The methods which are used to instruct the children are designed in such a way children of different age categories can quickly progress, not only in their academics, but also in boosting their self-confidence and making them to have positive dispositions to the numerous advantages offered by the children learning piano lessons.

When teaching preschool piano lessons in Singapore, the teacher conducts the class in such a way that there is step-by –step demonstration of all the lessons being taught. One of the most popular way teachers have used since 18th century is to teach by examples, and it remains the longest teaching tradition. In the 19th century, the same method was also used in teaching most of the piano classes.

Any time the piano student wishes, he has the opportunity of listening to both recorded and live version of the lessons. In preschool piano lessons in Singapore, the teacher serves as the model and sets examples since students learn best through demonstration and set guidelines which can be repeated as often as possible by the students. Demonstration is necessary so that adequate interpretation is given to a particular music phrase or to explain the movements needed for a desired effect.

In some preschool piano lessons in Singapore, some of the teachers make use of other artist records to make demonstrations during their lessons. For advanced students of piano classes, they often tried to listen to any piece of recording that is assigned to them. There are disadvantages associated with this method since it is possible that the teacher may not accurately perceived the prominent features of such a recording to accurately point out any mistake to students, the students on the other hand may not even hear the recorded piece. In the present day, it will be inappropriate to use authoritarian method of teaching as was commonly practised in the 19th century.

In preschool piano lessons in Singapore, the teacher will play almost every assignment to the student who is just beginning, but for advanced students, who to some extents can learn on their own, the piano teacher need not play everything. However, it is important that the teacher demonstrate the assigned tasks to the students very well and give the students enough time to master these demonstrations as well. If the teacher cannot play any music, such is not given to the students as assignment. In preschool piano lessons in Singapore, lessons are taught slowly, note by note, step by step, while adequate attention is given to the harmony, fingering and rhythm.

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The Advantages of Preschool Music Experiences

Learning piano during preschool years gives students the positive experiences and growth enhancements as below:

  • Self-confidence and self-satisfaction
  • Attention span and concentration
  • Patience, perseverance and commitment
  • Body awareness
  • Sensitivity and expressiveness
  • Self-awareness and respect
  • Motor development, specifically balance, control, and coordination
  • Ability to listen to instructions
  • Methodical learning
  • Vocabulary and language skills
  • Ability to comprehend abstract concepts through experience
  • Enhance memory
  • Ability to differentiate specific sound concepts related to music
  • Vocal development
  • Creativity development through music

Student Engaging Teaching Methods

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