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Do you love to sing yet are not familiar with who you could contact for a piano accompanist? Well, search no further as you have come to right place as SG PIANO LESSONS is offering professional piano accompaniment for singing or for any performances in Singapore area. And, you will notice that taking these music lessons will improve your concentration, whether you are just starting to take piano lessons for beginners or piano improvisation lessons. Well, you can always check out how fun with piano lessons in our piano lessons for kids, piano lessons for adults, or jazz piano lessons.

What Makes Learning Music Beneficial

  • Some people are musically talented while some have enhanced their skills as they grow old. However, there are others who have learned to love music in their adult years or during the years when others may think that they are too old for learning and loving music. Some have even formed their band in an age where they would normally prepare for retirement.

  • No matter how young or old you have started inclining yourself in learning music, you can still get the benefits of learning music. There are people who are enrolling to piano lessons for adults as they believe in the benefit of music when it comes to improvements with memory. It is given that adults may tend to develop issues regarding their memory, yet when they get involved with fun piano lessons Singapore, they notice improvements with their memory capacity.

  • Another benefit that not only adults but also kids will gain from loving music is the fact that coordination skills can be enhanced. You see, when you get a jazz piano lessons Singapore with other people or choose to get private piano lessons Singapore, you are provided with the benefit of improving the coordination of the different parts of your body in producing music. This is also the same when you enrol for piano accompaniment lessons Singapore. You learn how to coordinate your senses with the one whom you are providing accompaniment with.

  • Whether you are just starting to take piano lessons for beginners Singapore or piano improvisation lessons Singapore, you will notice that taking these lessons will still improve your concentration. If you know for yourself that your focus can easily be affected by minimal noise, piano lessons could help you concentrate more with the music you make and make it sound perfectly. You want to show your teacher that you are learning and you are able to showcase what you learned, and concentrating on what you are being taught about will help improve your skills.

  • Another thing that you benefit from either taking classic or contemporary piano lessons Singapore is that you learn how to relieve stress and express yourself through music. Whether you are just starting to take piano lessons to learn how to be a professional piano accompaniment with any performances or wanting to form a band, you can immediately learn how you to release your stress and express whatever your feelings are with music.

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Piano Learning Concepts and Skills for Beginners (part 1)

Elementary students can be any age from preschool through senior adults. Regardless of age, they all need to learn the same basic concepts and skills despite some will pick up faster than others.

  • Aural Development – it is crucial for beginner to start with an aural image of music, learning to play simple piece by ear before having to read staff notation. This is to train students play without reading, then they often play more rhythmically and musically.
  • Rhythm Concepts Rhythmic Developments – the first rhythm that are studied should be limited to those include only pulse (quarter notes represents pulse in early learning) and notes that last twice as long (half notes). It is important for students to clearly feel and play the pulse comfortably, then they will be able to learn multiples and subdivisions of the pulse. Later rhythmic learning development includes building rhythm into the body, counting, music alphabet and key names, pre-staff reading and staff reading, familiarity with keyboard registers, written finger numbers and so on.
  • Technical Skills – proper physical approach to keyboard to produce a good tone in musical playing, from finger depresses the key, to how finger, hand and arm all work together to create sounds. Elementary students learn by developing good posture, natural hand and finger positions, whole-arm motions, a coordinated downward motion of fingers and arms, finger and hand independence and coordination, legato, staccato, and non-legato touches, up and down arm motions for phrasing, reaching spans of sixth, sevenths and octaves, varied five-finger pattern, blocked and broken triads, and many more.
  • Creative and Functional Skills – learning activities include improving short pieces, using learned concepts and skills, improving in antecedent and consequent phrases, transposing simple five-finger melodies, with simple accompaniments, to other keys, harmonizing simple melodies, playing melodies by ear, and so on.
  • Theoretical Understanding – simple forms like A-B and A-B-A, selected key signatures, and the understanding of other musical literacy.

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If you have interest in getting trained by us, please check our home page to get detailed information about our charges. And for those interested in getting information about what we charge for our professional piano services, please do well to get in touch with us and we will answer all your enquiries promptly.

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