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Keyboard piano lessons for beginners in Singapore are good to any person. It is also vital to encourage your children to learn the different types of music and musical instruments especially join the piano lessons for kids at an early age. Educators know that children who have the discipline to learn a musical instrument like the piano and typically have the tools to do well in any school subject.

The first few keyboard piano lessons for beginners in Singapore, regardless if they are in a traditional private lesson, a group piano class, or even a method of self-study, usually focus on a few simple concepts and exercises to get the new piano player started.

Below are some few tips on how to strengthen your piano lessons:

Hand Placements and Posture

How you sit while playing piano in a keyboard piano lessons for beginners in Singapore plays an important role in determining the extent to which hands can reach the notes on the piano keyboard. The proper sitting posture you need to assume on the piano bench is straight to extend the hands’ playing range. Another important thing to consider is how to play the piano keys. When playing notes, ensure the hands are relaxed to allow the fingers move freely and quickly on the keyboard.

Notes and Scales

When it comes to the notes and scales unlike the jazz piano lessons, you should master individual notes. But what is a scale? A scale refers to a group of sounds which when some of them are played together, produce a full chord. Every note has a specific scale, related to all the usual do-re-mi-fa-sol-la-ti notes. All these sounds can be played on a single octave; and as long as you understand all these notes, you may easily play sounds on any keyboard octave. You can play the C-D-E-F-G-A-B notes on the white notes, and the ‘flats’ and ‘sharps’ on the black notes.

Coordination of Treble and Bass Notes

Use the right hand to play treble notes and the left hand to play bass notes on the piano keyboard. The left hand is traditionally used to play single bass notes or whole chords while the right hand is often used to play lead individual treble notes. Remember that both hands need to go in harmony with each other, regarding rhythm. Learning scales of every principal note will certainly help you to play leads smoothly.

Piano Songs and Music

Another great way to grasp piano playing techniques is to listen to many songs and music in which the instrument has been used prominently. This will help you understand much about how to set out with playing the piano. You will also learn musical aspects, like harmony, symphony, melody, etc.

Practicing the Techniques

Apart from learning basic keyboard piano lessons for beginners in Singapore, you also need to grasp how to read various music sheets. This will enable you to understand the treble and bass clefs, arpeggios, chromatic and pentatonic scales, etc. There are several techniques you’ll need to grasp to excel in playing the piano. Practice playing everything you have learned for about two hours every day.

These are many keyboard piano lessons for beginners in Singapore available online. Taking online lessons will enable you to grasp the basics of the notes, scales, octaves, techniques, pitches and other related aspects. To learn how to play piano, it is advisable to be in the company of good pianists especially for adults joining the piano lessons for adults.

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Do you know?

Piano Lessons Teaching and Learning for Preschool Learners

The methods of piano courses developed for preschool children should consider:

  • Musical pieces should be short and easy to learn.
  • Titles of pieces should relate to child’s world to motivate them to learn.
  • The method should be appropriate for specific age and development of the young students.
  • Format of notes and music books should have large print and uncluttered pages.
  • Materials should include pictures and colourful illustrations that appeal to children, but not to distract from musical notation.
  • Just in case printed materials are in black and white, pictures allowed students to colour and spaces for stickers needed.
  • Lesser conceptual learning content. Materials should include much repetition.
  • Middle C or rote materials are more effective to preschool learners. Since they are yet to transfer knowledge of note relationship by intervals.
  • Materials should integrate with movement, singing, creating, listening, and writing activities that are fun and game-like.
  • There should even be information provided for parents that encourage them to practise with their children.

Piano Lessons Can Also Be The Tool for Kids To Do Well in Any School Subject

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