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Enhancing The Creativity of Your Child – Learning to Play Piano

It is fair to say that most parents want what is best for their children, and, in turn, want them to be successful and the best they can be. Recent researches suggest that learning to play music offer unimaginable benefits that carry over into almost all aspects of the personality. Music enhances creativity, builds confidence and teaches self-discipline.

A child is like a clean slate, ready to grab any information at an increased rate. Upon reaching teenage, the capacity of absorbing information begins to decline slowly and finally comes to a halt upon reaching adulthood. Thus, it is necessary to take advantage of this period when it is easiest to learn because the windows of mind will stay open for so long a time.

The child music lessons in Singapore have been proven to assist in the development of thinking power, spatial intelligence, thought process, thought process, reasoning, and forming conclusions.

For instance, look at the piano lessons for kids. The child begins to learn how to play piano, how to pay attention in the class and how to listen to his teacher. When the child listens to his jazz piano lessons and learns to play correct notes with success, his reasoning power increases because music involves patterns and it is just like learning to read using grammar and phonetics. The mental practice of making the motion to produce accurate notes and following the correct pattern helps not only in reading but helps to set the foundations of better science and maths skills as well.

When children start learning music at an early age, it can be difficult for them to distinguish between low and high pitch. A piano makes the learning process easier to understand because everything is laid out visually for a child to understand in child music lessons in Singapore.

Each key has its own note and there are two consistent size of keys throughout the piano. Contrary to other musical instruments which have different valves to play their notes, a piano has just one big slide which makes the piano lessons for the beginners very easy to learn and understand.

The complex concept of sharp and flat can also be difficult for kids to understand and piano makes this very easy to visualize and understand. Child music lessons in Singapore lays extra stress on middle notes and they are very easy to follow on piano. Flat and sharp notes are black while the natural notes are white and simple.

It can be tiresome for children to endure hours of practice on any instrument, but the piano has the advantage that it can’t be played out of tune. Children will enjoy the positive reinforcement of making pleasant on the piano just a few hours after taking child music lessons in Singapore. The same can’t be said about any other music instrument where you will find a complex series of pitches between screechy bowing and standards notes that can make you go mad.

Taking piano lessons for the beginners improve hand to hand coordination. Just as when playing games, children develops important physical skills, when playing piano, effective hand eye coordination develops. It is going to be the very valuable skill in life whether your child wishes to become a scientist, musician or a player.

Learning music is difficult but also very rewarding which can lead to an increase in the self-confidence and self-esteem. This is true not only for the children but adults can also have their share of benefits by taking piano lessons for adults. Music can be a great catalyst for bringing forgotten friends and neighbours together. The piano class is the place where new friends can be made and a sense of belonging can be developed.

Creativity in its all forms should be encouraged. Some of the greatest inventions in all of the humanity come from creative minds. The development of a child’s imagination is extremely important for cognitive development. Child music lessons in Singapore are the best ways for imaginative play. Taking jazz piano lessons and writing new melodies is the best way to encourage your child’s creativity and thus, personality.

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Do you know?

Teaching Strategies for Preschool Children

General music teaching procedures for pre-schoolers can be:

  • Since children have short attention span, music teachers need to plan many short and varied activities of approximately three minutes in length.
  • Any music activity should stop and return later or in a subsequent lesson when children lose their interest.
  • Repetition lesson activities is important. Preschool children forget easily and like to be able to predict what is going to happen. Review material should be fun and engaging.
  • Learning activities should be game-like that involves body movement since children is always active.
  • There should be an alternation between quieter and more active activities.
  • Teachers should plan special attention activities for times when children interest wanes.
  • Lesson routines can be established at the beginning of the first lesson.
  • Instructions and explanations can often be given in a musical way.
  • There will be extra time for setup and clean up before and after the lesson.

Enhancing The Creativity of Your Child

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