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Child Music Lessons


Enhancing The Creativity of Your Child - Learning to Play Piano It is fair to say that most parents want what is best for their children, and, in turn, want them to be successful and the best they can be. Recent researches suggest that learning to play music offer unimaginable benefits that carry over into [...]

Preschool Piano Lessons


Let your children be equipped with the knowledge and be exposed to the opportunity of developing intelligently by through piano learning by enrolling for preschool piano lessons in Singapore. When children have a solid foundation in music, they are in prime position to succeed in other academic subjects, as well as excelling in other important [...]

Fun with Piano Lessons


There are various ways through which one may learn fun piano lessons in Singapore. Inspirational learning is one of these means. Inspirational learning involves learning by singing, counting loudly and playing along with the teacher or following the teacher’s directive during lessons. It is expected of the students to be adept enough to correctly play [...]

Teaching Good Piano Lessons


The Rapport The piano teacher must establish a good communication with the students. Whether it is a beginner or a transfer student that wants to take piano lessons Singapore, the pupil will become interested and gain confidence in learning piano if the piano teacher succeeds in building a good relationship with the student at the [...]

Piano Improvisation Lessons


The fundamental of piano improvisation is jazz piano lessons, an impulse, spontaneous, and jamming shaping of the underlying music element. It doesn’t lay much emphasis on what it is played on but rather how it is played. The jazz piano improvisations styles have been established by some distinguish individual performers. However, no matter how different [...]

Piano Lessons Learning by Rote


Practice makes perfect! Learning by rote simply means learning by imitation and retention in piano lessons. The students who learn the piano basic lessons in Singapore has to memorize and repeat an assigned piano piece based on aural impressions and keyboard patterns without reading or referring to a written score. Based on the piano teacher [...]