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Kids & Adults Private Piano Lessons Start From S$35

Learn how to play your favourite songs in private piano lessons. Choose your preferred class location and class timing. You can check out our private piano lessons rates or feel free to contact us for any our service related matters.

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The Musical Learning Path for Beginner

As a beginner, the piano student may be guided through:

  • Intro to music and piano playing
  • The relationship among keyboard topography, direction of sound and direction of notes on the score
  • General keyboard orientation
  • Knowing how the fingers are numbered
  • Musical pre-reading
  • Rhythm and reading system
  • Demonstration of rote tunes
  • Presentation of directional reading, line and space notes, neighbours and skips, and music alphabet
  • Introducing the Grand Staff, Map-Reading, and Intervallic Reading.
  • Demonstration of positions on the keyboard, eg. G position, C position, and / or landmarks on the staff
  • System for “Thinking and Doing” Music Making
Recommended Learning Goals for Piano Students

When you take up a musical course, it is good to have clear idea of appropriate goals so that you can maximize the learning experience. The primary goals of any musical lesson include:

  • making music
  • developing the knowledge and skills to make music
  • developing musical understanding
  • knowing how to play by ear and play by route
  • promoting the love of music
  • exploring how sounds are made
  • establishing the sense of the musical rhythm
  • mastering fundamental knowledge in music
  • building the ability in playing your favourite songs on piano
  • developing aural ability
  • mastering keyboard theory
  • building creativity through music improvisation and song compositing
  • enhancing memory
  • ensemble musical experience
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